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Palm oil 25L


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Fresh Ondo Palm Oil More Details

Product Information

Product Details
Brand/Name: Palm oil 25L
Weight/Congos/Pieces: 25 Litres
Region/Farm: Ondo
Type/Species Elaeis
Display size: 25 Litres


Fresh Ondo Palm Oil available for your use

Our palm oil is full, fresh and neatly produced with no odour. it is directly from the farm and sold with keg

Editorial Reviews Farmers/Suppliers 

• it is a full, fresh and neat palm oil, 25 litres.

• it is unadulterated and free from harmful additives rampant.

• this palm oil is free from coloring's and enhancers that have adverse effect on your health

• it is has no bad taste or smell when cooked.

Health Benefit /Nutritional Value

• palm oil is good for your health, because of the increase vitamin a levels in certain people

• It help protect brain function,

• Reduce heart disease risk factors

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