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Sesame Seed


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Cleaned Sesame Seed More Details

Product Information

Product Details
Brand/Name: Sesame Seed
Weight/Congos/Pieces: 100 kg
Region/Farm: Niger State
Type/Species Beniseed
Display size: 100 kg


100 kg of Sesame Seed Known by some as Beniseed 

Editorial Reviews Farmers/Suppliers

Cleaned Sesame Seed from Niger State available for delivery

Health Benefit/Nutritional Value

- It is a good source of fiber, growing evidence suggests that fiber may play a role in reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, and type 2 diabetes

- Sesame seeds may help decrease high cholesterol and triglycerides which are risk factors for heart disease

- It supply 5 grams of protein per 3-tablespoon (30-gram) especially when hulled or roasted

- It is a products that helps lowers blood pressure because of it magnesium constituents, and likewise supports healthy bones

Constituents includes

• Thiamine (B1) 

• Niacin (B3)  

• Vitamin B6

• Magnesium

• Iron

• Copper

• Zinc

• Selenium

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