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5kg Broiler chicken


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15 weeks broiler chicken More Details

Product Information

Product Details
Brand/Name: 5kg Broiler chicken
Weight/Congos/Pieces: 1 piece
Region/Farm: Akobo, Ibadan
Type/Species Broiler
Display size: 1 piece


A Piece of 5kg Live Broilers

(Plus 50% discount off delivery fee for checkout on/before 20/12)

Editorial Reviews Farmers/Suppliers
- Limited Availability
- Get your broilers delivered to your doorstep 5kg each bird, they are over 3 months old.
- Healthy and our chicken is raised in a well-vaccinated environment with has low-fat content.

Buying a bigger bird like this provides you with more meat. Than losing 0.6kg on smaller birds, you can lose that same weight on a big bird and have more meat for your dish

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#broilerchicken #cheap broiler #Bigchicken #broilersales #christmas-chicken

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