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Raw Cashew Nut


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Product Information

Product Details
Brand/Name: Raw Cashew Nut
Weight/Congos/Pieces: 100 kg
Region/Farm: Ogbomosho
Type/Species Nut
Display size: 100 kg


100 kg of Unprocessed Cashew Nut

Editorial Reviews Farmers/Suppliers

Our Raw cashew nut is well dried and ready to be processed, it is available for delivery

Uses/Health Benefit/Nutritional Value

- Cashew Nut can be used to make dairy alternatives, such as cashew milk, cashew-based cheese and cashew-based cream sauces and sour cream.

- Cashew nut is rich in folate and vitamins especially (C and B)

- 1 ounce of raw cashews (28.35 grams) contains:

• 157 calories

 8.56 grams (g) of carbohydrate

• 1.68 g of sugar

 0.9 g of fibre

• 5.17 g of protein

 12.43 g of total fat

 10 milligrams (mg) of calcium

 1.89 mg of iron

• 83 mg of magnesium

 168 mg of phosphorus

 187 mg of potassium

 3 mg of sodium

 1.64 mg of zinc

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